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Huddle Helper Top Tops

Whether you’re brand new to Huddle or just looking for a few simple and actionable ways to help you stand out from the crowd, here are our top tips to help you book more jobs.

Complete your profile

Selecting great profile photos

Your photo is the first impression a family has of you so it’s super important to pick a friendly and inviting one – a smiling photo is perfect! You want to show yourself in the best light, as a responsible, fun and caring Helper.


  • Select a photo of you smiling.
  • Make sure the photo is well lit.
  • Find a photo that shows you are great at working with children (if kids feature in your photo always make sure you have permission from the parents).
  • Consider the location in the background (eg. at the playground, picnic at the park, painting in the backyard are some fun ideas).
  • Pick a recent and recognisable photo.

Examples of great profile photos:


  • Don’t wear inappropriate clothing (nothing too revealing or bikini shots).
  • Don’t show yourself drinking at a party.
  • Don’t select a photo where you are surrounded by lots of your friends, as the family won’t know which person you are.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses in every photo as it’s important the parent can recognise you.

Give your bio personality

Be engaging and have a friendly tone, this is your chance to impress and tell the community what makes you, you! Your ‘About Me’ should include:

  • Your relevant education, courses, and skills.
  • Your past experiences working with children, including their ages.
  • Why you love working with kids or what you love doing with them, such as; arts and crafts, baking cupcakes, going to the park.
  • A sentence or two about you, to make it more personal.

Add references to your profile

This shows families you’ve had experience working in childcare. It will also give you a rating and review on the app and bump your profile to the top of the Helpers List.

Prior to the job

Turn on notifications

Check these are turned on in your phone settings, so you get notifications when jobs are posted near you and when you receive invitations and messages.

Respond quickly

When you respond to job ads quickly it shows you are proactive and communicative, which is a great thing. Also, make sure you have thoroughly read the parent’s job description and always include a personal message in your application.

Understand expectations

It is important to understand the parent’s expectations and what they are looking for from a Helper. This should be clear from their job and profile on Huddle App, however always feel free to clarify and ask more questions.

Confirm with parents before the job

Once you’re booked, touch base with the parents to confirm you’ve got all the details and are looking forward to seeing them. You can find all the details of the job in the ‘My Jobs’ tab and also in your email. 


At the job

Be well-informed

Make sure you understand everything you need to do while you are Minding the children, and ensure you have all the information required. If you need, you can write it down or ask the parent to write down details for you, this can be especially helpful if there are instructions with medicine for example.

The children’s safety is your number one priority

Ask about any allergies or illness, know where the first aid kit is, and have the parents phone numbers and emergency numbers to hand, as well as the address of the job. And remember, never give a child medicine without the parents consent.

Be communicative

Don’t feel like you have to figure out everything on your own. Always reach out to the parents if you have any questions or face any issues.

Be active and have fun

A good babysitter will engage the child in activities. First, learn the parent’s house rules about playtime. Ask if their kid can go to a playground, what their favourite toys are, and which games and electronics are off-limits. Then plan out which activities are best to keep their child active and having fun.

Be watchful

Stay in close proximity to the child you’re watching. Put away your mobile phone unless you’re communicating with the parents.

Send updates

It is important to send parents updates while they are out so they know they know their children are safe, healthy and having fun, or sleeping soundly. Parents also love getting photo updates showing their kids are happy and having fun.

Leave everything as you found it

Always leave the house at least as clean and tidy as you found it. If you have time when the kids are occupied, it’s nice to do what you can to make the house a calm and clean environment when the parents get home. It’s a great idea to pop the toys away and wipe down surfaces.

Keep in touch with us at Huddle

If you’d like us to feature you to local families, please reach out to with any specific availabilities, we can do personal shout-outs for our top Helpers who want to be proactive. We are always here to help where we can 🙂

Team Huddle x