We have been so inspired by our beautiful community we wanted to share what you all embody, so we continue to foster the amazing vibes as we grow. 

Huddle is a place where everyone should feel welcome, supported, and empowered. We rely on our community of families and carers to abide by these shared expectations:

Be Kind

Be kind and respectful in communication to all members (both in-person and via messaging) and when sharing your beliefs or responding to others sharing theirs. Huddle supports a diverse community with different beliefs, races, religions, genders, etc. and we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any form.

Be Positive Role Models

Positivity is contagious, please don’t put yourself or others down.

Value Others

Value others by maintaining clear expectations regarding caregiving duties and tasks, and:

  • Be on-time for jobs and interviews (both start and end times).
  • Book and pay promptly.
  • Provide safe, clean environments for children, seniors, pets, families, and caregivers.

Respect Privacy

Always get permission before posting faces, names, or any other identifying info online.

Be Helpful

We support others’ dreams, and have each other’s backs. Our community are always helping out however we can.

Our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use are in place to safeguard and maintain the safety, quality, reliability, and integrity of the Huddle platform. Huddle reserves the right, in its full discretion, to take corrective and/or permanent action on member accounts for being in violation of these terms.