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Working Parents - Easing the Guilt

Working Parents - Easing the Guilt

written by: Millie|March 9, 2021

It's not easy being a working mum or dad and dealing with separation anxiety and guilt. But while feeling guilt may be unfortunately very common, there are ways to lessen the burden you might be feeling.

Remember why you are working

Go back to the thought process you went through while making the decision to return to work. Was it to help pay the mortgage? To send the children to a good school? To keep your qualifications up-to-date? To gain some 'me time' or save up for a dream holiday? There is no 'right' answer, but at some point you made a logical decision that working was the best decision for your family. Believe in yourself and that your decision was the right one.

Find an incredible carer

Socialising and being comfortable with others is an important part of a child’s development. And having a support network of incredible nannies and babysitters to call on will make going to work so much easier! To find an amazing trusted carer for your mini, post a job on Huddle with details of care you are looking for, and review amazing applications from local, qualified, recommended sitters and nannies. No-one else will care for your child exactly the way you will but that's OK. They will have many other skills and attributes that your child will absolutely love!

Consider changing working arrangements

Perhaps it's not the job but the conditions making work unenjoyable for you. Many employers are encouraging flexible work arrangements. Could your working day start and finish earlier, or perhaps you could work four longer days instead of five shorter ones? Many workplaces also allow an employee to work from home at least one day per week. For parents of young children, flexible work hours may make all the difference.

Weekend fun

Many working parents find that their weekends are quickly swallowed up by an avalanche of cleaning duties, shopping, and other errands, adding to the guilt about the time spent with their children. Is there some time each weekend to lock away as non-negotiable family time? Perhaps it's a special Sunday morning pancake feast, or board games after Saturday night dinner. Having a few special rituals each week helps families to bond. Some tasks, like watering the garden or washing the car, are activities every member of the family can join in and enjoy - especially if they end in a water fight!

It won't be forever

Whatever guilt you're feeling now won't last forever. So focus instead on the positive things you bring to the family, and on being happy in yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who support you and your working arrangements.

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