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Rock Drop - Crafty. creative and kind!

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Rock Drop - Crafty. creative and kind!

written by: Millie|September 7, 2021

Have you heard of Rock Drop?

This fun global craze has kids all over the world getting outdoors to play hide and seek with hand-painted rocks.

A ‘rock drop’ is a pay-it-forward type gesture for kids of all ages. The idea was created to bring people together. Not only is it a fun screen-free (well almost) activity, but it also develops creativity, encourages outdoor play and helps teach kids the joy of giving.

Here’s how to get involved

- Go on an adventure outside with the minis and collect a few smooth, flat pebbles.

- Bring them back home then wash and dry the rocks.

- Let’s get creative, now you are ready to turn these rocks into little masterpieces. You can choose to paint or draw on the rocks with markers and even decorate with glitter and sparkles. Another idea is to write a short sweet message to help brighten someone's days. Check out some of our images for inspo.

- On the bottom of your rocks, write # your state (eg #WArocks, #NSW etc) and you can also add your postcode

- Wait for them to dry

- Now you’re ready for your next adventure so you can ‘hide’ your rocks in a local park or playground for others to find.

- Treasure hunt, if you find some new decorated rocks, you can post the picture back on Facebook or Instagram (using the hashtag on the bottom of the newly found rock), letting others know about your new found treasure. You may then choose to either hide them in another local park or playground for more children to find, OR you can keep your found treasures and paint some more rocks to pay the kindness forward.

Create, share, play, repeat.

Feel free to also tag us on Instagram @huddle_app or Facebook: Huddle Childcare. We’d love to see your creations!

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