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Interview Questions When Interviewing a Nanny or Babysitter

Interview Questions When Interviewing a Nanny or Babysitter

written by: Millie|February 24, 2021

To help you find the perfect nanny or babysitter, here’s a helpful interview guide with popular interview questions you can ask the applicant.

Once you have posted a job on Huddle we highly suggest you message the applications to set up a phone or face-time interview. Messaging back and forth a few times is a great way to see how they communicate - are they fast at responding? Do they sound sweet and friendly? This early stage is a great way to pick up on hints to see if they could be a good fit for your family. Parent's instincts are incredible - trust that!

When you’ve set up a time to call, below are our most helpful tips and interview questions;

  • Take time at the beginning of your call to establish rapport. Chat about common topics informally, before starting the interview questions. This is a great opportunity to warm into the conversation and find out more about their personality.
  • Share a brief summary of the job. Include details about the number and ages of your kids, past childcare use, your needs and expectations.
  • Ask them for a contact number from one of their references. Nothing is more reassuring than hearing another parent rave about how wonderful a nanny/babysitter is.
  • If the carer sounds like they could be a good match we always recommend setting up a paid trial. You can do this via the Huddle app. For a trial, you can be there for the first part of it and ask them more questions, show them where everything is and also see how they interact with your kids. Then you can enjoy some 'me-time' while they bond with your kids. Trials can range from 1 hour to a full day, depending on how comfortable you feel. When the trial is complete you can pay the carer via your Message screen in the app and leave a rating and review.

Popular interview questions

  1. What is your current position (workplace, course, uni)?
  2. What days/hours are you available? Are you sometime flexible with your start/end time?
  3. How would your friends/family best describe you?
  4. Tell me about your past experience of childcare, do you have any formal training? (where, when, who)?
  5. Do you have any special qualifications? (e.g., Childcare, First Aid and CPR)
  6. Why do you want to do babysitting or nannying?
  7. What are your favourite things about working in childcare?
  8. What are the most challenging things about working in childcare?
  9. What are your interests and hobbies? Do you have unique skills my kids might like (cooking, arts and crafts etc)?
  10. Have you ever had an emergency situation and what did you do?
  11. Have you ever disagreed with a parent and how did you resolve this?
  12. What is your hourly rate? Is this different for daytime vs night time care?
  13. Would you be willing to help with light clean (kid related) and can you cook simple meals for the kids?
  14. Do you have a driver's license and a car? Do you have a clean driving record? (If driving is required for the job)
  15. Do you have references available I can call?

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