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How Much Should I Pay a Babysitter or Nanny?

How Much Should I Pay a Babysitter or Nanny?

written by: Alice|March 9, 2021

We understand it can feel really confusing determining an hourly rate for a babysitter or nanny, so we’ve made this super simple for you by breaking it down.

The easiest way to attract the most experienced carers to your job, is to have the rate as ‘negotiable’. You can simply add the text “rate is negotiable’ in your job details. A sitter's usual hourly rate varies depending on their age, experience and qualifications, and you just need to make sure you are paying them in accordance with employment laws.

Paying a Casual Babysitter

Huddle babysitters' hourly rates vary from $25/hr to $35/hr, and $27/hr is the average expected hourly rate. Sitters are usually happy to negotiate a rate based on job requirements, details and how much advance notice they are given from the start time.

Ad-hoc babysitters would be considered casual employees, and therefore your obligation is to pay them above minimum wage plus casual loading. For more information, see Fair Work Australia's website.

Additional factors to consider when working out your carers rate;


Some Huddle sitters have 40+ years experience. If you’re after someone with many years experience and formal qualifications, expect to pay a bit extra per hour.

Extra responsibilities

If you need your babysitter or nanny to drive the kids around, help with homework, cook meals, or help with housework this should be additional to the base hourly rate.

Number and ages of children

If you have more than two kids (particularly if they’re not similar ages) expect to pay a bit extra for the extra minis too!


Eeek! Need a helping hand in a flash? Our network of sitters are here for you - but keep in mind there will always be a premium on urgent jobs.

Short jobs

Many sitters prefer jobs that are a minimum 3 hours. If under this, it's good to be prepared to pay extra to make it worth their while.


If you’re getting home much later than expected, this may put the sitters plans out. Always ask if they’re able to stay later and don’t assume. It is thoughtful to pay more for overtime hours.

Public Holidays

Have fun plans for your day off? Giving up their public holiday means casual employees should be properly remunerated. For these jobs we recommend 1.5 x or 2 x the usual rate.

Starting with the minimum wage plus casual loading, and being willing to pay more for additional factors will mean you will be able to find good quality, wonderful care for your children, even last-minute!

Paying a regular ongoing nanny

For ongoing employment of a nanny there are several other factors to consider to ensure you are compliant with Australian employment laws. When negotiating an hourly rate or salary you will need to consider tax, superannuation, and leave entitlements.

Because this is a little more complex we highly recommend Care Pay Co. Their fantastic team will be able to assist and ensure the process is simple, smooth and successful.

Now that you know how to pay your babysitters and nanny, you can get started! Find the perfect babysitter or nanny near you on Huddle.

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