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FAQs for Parents

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FAQs for Parents

written by: Alice|June 18, 2021

What is your vetting process?

We understand that parents want to book babysitters their community know and trust. Our verification and social validation tools in the app allow parents to tap into these networks quickly and easily, and we ensure all carers applying for jobs are vetted by our trained specialists, not just a computer. Read more information here.

Where is Huddle available?

Huddle is available throughout Australia, so you can use Huddle as your go to babysitter app at home and also if you travel for work or holiday anywhere within Australia. However some areas have more carers than others. 99% of one-time jobs in metro areas receive applications, and our team are there to support every step of the way. Our happiness team go above and beyond to make sure you meet the best carers for your family, whenever and wherever you need.

How much should I pay a babysitter or nanny?

It can feel confusing determining an hourly rate for a babysitter or nanny. The easiest way to attract the most experienced carers to your job is to be flexible. A sitter's usual hourly rate varies depending on their age, experience and qualifications, as well as the job specifications. We’ve made this super simple for you by breaking it down here.

How much does a Huddle Membership cost?

Our flexible pricing options let you contact, book and pay babysitters with ease. Choose from one month, quarterly, or an annual membership, take a look at our detailed pricing information.

Is insurance included?

Yes, get peace of mind with every booking. Jobs booked and paid through Huddle include $10M in General & Product Liability insurance included in the booking or membership fee, and no extra costs apply.

I no longer need my Huddle Membership, how do I cancel?

If you signed up via Apple, you will need to cancel your membership via Apple. If you signed up another way, simply get in touch with us on to cancel your membership.

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