Top tips to book more jobs 

We’re approaching the busiest time of the year and Huddle Helpers are in high demand. So how can you stand out amongst all the other amazing Helpers? Our founders Millie and Alice are also Helpers and below they have shared their top tips on how to book more jobs through Huddle.

✅ Touch base with favourite families and let them know your availability. You may have uni holidays, or more free time to help out more?

✅ When applying for a job, suggest a face-time call with the parent as a nice/ convenient way to ‘meet and greet’.

✅Offer to send references from other families you sit for

✅ Add important/relevant info on bio (childcare experience, certificates/training). Don’t leave your bio blank.

✅ Add a happy current / clear (not pixelated) profile photo

✅ Submit WWCC details for verification

✅ TIP: Before applying for a job with a new family, tap the family’s profile photo. You will be taken to their profile page and you can scroll down and read their ratings and reviews. This may give you more insight into what the family is like and you can read all the extra info about what they are looking for and more about the kids. Try not to copy and paste your responses.. apply with a personalised ‘application and intro’.

✅ If you are keen for more work, create a minder intro video and we will share it on our socials. Instructions are here

✅ Let Huddle know if willing to travel for jobs (get a personal message when new jobs in other areas come up)

Always turn MH notifications on; switch on minder mode when available for jobs

If you have any questions or would like share more great tips with our community please get in touch here




Great examples ???????????????? of friendly profile photos. Great lighting, happy faces and bios full of personality and relevant details.


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