If you’re a mum, with just a few clicks of a button you can find flexible child care for your kids by using the Huddle App. This is helpful to mums for so many reasons, including that it can allow you to engage in one of the most critical, yet overlooked, aspects of motherhood: self-care.
But I also know that engaging in self-care isn’t always easy.
Huddle is often exhausting and filled with never-ending demands. In the midst of all these demands, it can be easier to put yourself aside and to view your own care as “just part of the sacrifices that mums make.” This is especially so when you have to choose caring for yourself over caring for your children. In these situations, your inner voice telling you to care for yourself will have to win the battle over your other inner voice that you likely know quite well – the nagging “mummy guilt” one.
To get over these hurdles, it’s essential to accept that taking care of yourself is part of your needs. It’s not a luxury. Huddle is relentless and can be depleting and all-encompassing. It can always feel like there’s more to do. But what isn’t endless is the levels of energy and patience that you have. You’re only human.
Engaging in self-care by getting some time away from your children allows you to replenish your energy and patience so that you have more of both to give. Taking the time out for self-care allows you to be a better version of yourself than if you just ignore your needs and “power through.” On your worst days, time away can bring you back from the edge and can give you a fresh perspective.
Most importantly though, self-care makes you feel good about who you are and the life that you are living. And as a happier person, you’re able to be the best version of yourself and the best mum to your children.

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