School holidays are a time for your kids to take a break from the rigours of school and just be kids. They can explore new things, relax and rejuvenate for when school returns.
But, for us mums school holidays can mean a huge disruption to our regular (busy) lives. While unhurried quality time with the kids can be magical, the holidays can also be stressful and unbalanced with a lot less time for yourself and/or your work. Plus, the break from the care that school provides can make the mental burden of organising care and activities for your kids even more consuming.
Huddle feels your pain.
So here’s a list of some of our top tips to help you thrive these school holidays:
2. Start a morning ritual: With no school bell to rush for, your mornings can be more relaxing and are the perfect opportunity to create a new ritual with your kids. Put on some relaxing music and do some family Yoga, go for a post-breakfast bike ride together or pick a few breakfast recipes to cook with the kids over the break. It’s all about slowing down together in a meaningful way!
3. Plan a special day for the end of the holidays: Having a special family outing to look forward to as way of celebrating the end of the holidays (and return to school!) can help everyone stay on track during the long days between terms. Visiting an interactive museum exhibit, watching the latest movie release or spending a family day outdoors are just some exciting plans you can make for the family to enjoy.
4. Schedule time for you: If you’re planning on bearing most of the burden of the extra hours with the kids, make sure your own needs don’t get lost in the shuffle. Giving yourself a break will help you be more present (and patient) while you are on duty. You can always use Huddle to get a few hours away by posting a job or reaching out to a local Helper and asking if she has any free time that week to watch your kids.
5. Take one less day off: It’s a sad truth that so many mums (and dads) end up using their paid leave to look after the kids over school holidays. If this is something that you do begrudgingly due to a lack of care, make it your goal to take at least one less day off. Huddle can help you find a great Helper to watch the kids and you’ll have one more day to spend on a proper, relaxing holiday!

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