If you have school-aged kids, weeks before the school holidays arrive, you may be knee-deep in planning mode for what to do with them while they’re off. Or perhaps you’re more like me, and you hold out hope until the last minute that a school-holiday fairy will magically appear to sort it all out for you! Either way, the physical and mental load of school holidays can drain you of your precious time and energy.
Luckily, Huddle is here to help! Our incredible community of local Mums and Helpers are literally just a few clicks away and can help your holidays run smoother and be more enjoyable for you and your kiddos. Here’s how:
1. Huddle’s filled with trusted minders with daytime availability: Having school-aged kids means that you likely don’t have a regular Helper to watch the kids during the day. This can make it difficult find someone to step in and help on a short-term basis while school is out on break. Luckily, Huddle’s Helper community is chock-full of trustworthy Helpers who are themselves mums not to mention loads of teachers, uni students and even grandmothers. These Helpers are all highly likely to have flexible schedules with daytime availability over the holidays. To find time, you can either post a job on the day(s) when you’re looking for help or reach out directly via the app and ask about their availability over the holidays.
2. Take advantage of last-minute minding: One of the hardest parts of school holidays is having to plan far in advance if you want/need someone to watch the kids. But, of course, life requires flexibility. Whether it’s a last minute meeting or a day that is just perfect for a long walk, you’ll often find yourself in need of some last minute care over the holidays. With Huddle, when you post a job all of the nearby Helpers receive an instant notification that there’s a new job available near them. So with little effort, you can cast a wide net to find a tried and tested Helper to watch the kids for you last minute. No need to scramble, miss out or put your own needs last.
3. Mind other kids while you’re with your own: While you are home with your kids, make life more interesting by becoming a Helper yourself. Yes, having additional kids in the house means extra noise and mess, but it also means new friends for your kids, extra money for you and a good karma boost for helping out a local mum when she needs it. It’s a win-win-win!

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