It’s easy to slump in to a daily routine of eat, feed, work, clean, feed, eat, sleep. But are there lessons to be learned from so-called serial daters? Should we be making an effort to venture out of our routine and seek a “single style” life to keep our relationships fresh?
And just to be clear, when we say serial daters, we are not referring to the Deano MAFS Divino creatures of this world, rather the couples who manage to find a few cheeky hours in a busy week to dedicate to each other rather than taking a zombie trip from weekend to weekend.
“Ha ha, yeah right, with what time?” we hear you say.
Indeed. We wondered the same so decided to delve in to the world of some serial daters to understand just how they manage to make the time. And whether it was all worth it.
Valentine’s Day? Hem, sorry. It’s a vile commercial card-maker’s pay-day, which forces even the most stoic of people to purchase a soppy card with creepy cartoon bears holding an anatomically, dead heart. Balloon-y bubble hearts. Fake hearts.

I was a cynical anti Valentine’s Day anti dater.

After our second kid, we’d found ourselves being far too busy to even sit down to dinner together. I understood the idea of date night was not to squeeze out the Forever Friends mush, rather strengthen the relationship with my partner. But I still worried I’d spend the evening wondering why I was bailing on the kids and paying a babysitter for the liberty of me overeating.
But, how wrong I was. Yes, we chatted a lot about the kids but we also slipped in to conversations of old. We were free to swear, be rude, joke and not have the fear that the baby parrot people back at the house would overhear us.
We now try to get out at least once a week. It may only be for a couple hours but it’s definitely made us stronger (without a fake heart in sight).
Claire and Danny
Habits of the old and weary but at least we have a second or two to try out a new bar or comedy club and attempt to keep up with the chat of the youth at our prospective work places.

We inhale our food and get home before 9:30pm.

We’ve had three years of serving the young man first and then hoovering down our own dinner so when we do head out, we end up finishing the food and wine in a flash. We’re also pretty notorious for conking out early. But even the couple of hours we do have seem to make us a little more relaxed with each other.
Jenny and Steve
We’re both pretty active and enjoy getting the odd gym session or cycle in. We’re fortunate enough that we can set aside an hour or two each week to exercise together and use this time alone to reset and regroup. Granted it’s not the most glamorous of dates but combining keeping fit with spending quality time with each other means we can see more of each other through the week.

We combine common interests.

Ok so they’re not quite serial daters, but they have put effort in to spending a little more time out of the house, telling fart jokes and sipping wine with each other.

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